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Cooking Equipment for Rent

Cooking and storing food for a crowd can be a unique challenge when you're hosting a party or other major event. Regardless of whether you're cooking for friends and family or you're hosting a church supper, or a fundraising event for a local organization and you need additional cooking capacity for a special event you need not look any further than Vini's Party Rentals. We can help you organize your outdoor event with tents, lights, tables, chairs and offer a range of products from popcorn machines to snow-cone machines as well as cold and hot food storage containers.

If you find yourself in need of cooking equipment to prepare meals during your special occasion, Vini’s Party Rentals is your primary choice. We offer a broad assortment of cooking appliances to your liking. From grills and convection ovens, to freezers, and popcorn and snow cone machines. We also have a variety of cooking equipment for storing and serving food - Our appliances include everything your party will require. BBQ grills are usually widely used for outdoor events. If you plan on entertaining your guests outdoors, rent a BBQ griddle from Vini’s Party Rentals.

For indoor events, our great collection of ovens, stoves and burners should come in handy to cook special food for your guests. If you're preparing meals for many people in a facility without any cooking appliances, you will require some help (that we will gladly offer) in preparing and storing large amounts of food quickly and conveniently. Also, consider renting a freezer for desserts, beverages and other items that need to be kept cool. On the other hand, in order to keep your food hot for serving buffet-style, rent our hotbox equipment. In any case, browse through our cooking equipment rentals and pick the appliances that you need for your next get together!

Fryer Rental
Stainless Steel Oblong Food Server
Barbeque - Gas Rental
Fryer  Gasfire Model
Stainless Steel Oblong
Food Server 8 quart
Barbeque - Gas 2' x 5'
on casters
Barbeque - Charcoal Rental
Blender Rental
  Convection Oven Rental
Barbeque - Charcoal
Blender 44oz
Convection Oven
Griddle Rental
Popcorn Machine Rental
  Snow Cone Machine Rental
Popcorn Machine
Snow Cone Machine
Stove Rental
Table Top Burner Rental
  Transit Cabinet Rental
Stove 6 burners
Table Top Burner
Transit Cabinet
Transit Tray Rental   Freezer Chest Rental   Thermal Hot Box Rental
Transit Tray 26"
Freezer Chest
Thermal Hot Box
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Cooking Equipment Rental in Los Angeles, CA - Freezer Rental - Popcorn Machine